A Macro Control Language for the Windows OS



We're still trying to figure out what you CAN'T do with Hotkeys..


Hotkeys is a Macro Control Language for the Windows operating system that allows you to press a key (hotkey) on your keyboard to perform virtually any task in Windows. A Hotkeys macro simulates a Windows session as if a person were typing keystrokes and clicking the mouse to the active window. Any task you can do in Windows can be recorded and reproduced with Hotkeys, no programming required.

Record all your mouse clicks and keystrokes with the Event Recorder and play them back with the Macro Interpreter. Macros can also be programmed from scratch and edited in the Macro Editor.

Turn Microsoft Windows applications into mass processing tools. Create a collection of text editing tools or data entry hotkeys. Automate repetitive tasks. Take full control of the Windows OS.

Hotkeys is bundled with the ReadClip Text-to-Speech Clipboard Reader but may be purchased separately.  ..more..




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