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Purchasing ReadClip and Hotkeys

The ReadClip and Hotkeys programs are bundled into one installation. ReadClip's TTS Reader is FREEWARE, the multi-clipboard component, editor, spell check and Hotkeys components are "try before you buy". After an evaluation period of 15 days these features will be unavailable. A registration code will unlock them permanently. The ReadClip TTS Reader is free and will never expire.

The Hotkeys Macros component includes the Hotkeys Editor, the Macro Interpreter and the Macro Event Recorder.

The price for ReadClip and Hotkeys is

$59 US dollars

The price for ReadClip without Hotkeys is

$39 US dollars

The price for Hotkeys without ReadClip is

$39 US dollars

The price to add ReadClip to Hotkeys is

$29 US dollars

The price to add Hotkeys to ReadClip is

$29 US dollars


You must purchase a registration code from the ReadClip program, which will link you to the purchase page.

If you have already purchased a registration code, enter it in the Registration Number box. Otherwise, click the How to Register button

Enter your preferred User Name and Email Address, then click the Buy Online button. This will open your browser to the on-line purchase page.

If you purchase the product, your email receipt will include a registration number that will make the product full featured, permanently.

If you have any questions contact us at or use our feedback form.


Thank you for your interest in ReadClip & Hotkeys!