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What's a TTS Reader?


Text-to-speech (TTS) is a type of speech synthesis application that is used to create a spoken version of the text from a computer document. Microsoft has developed a TTS program interface (SAPI) that most companies use to drive their synthetic voices (speech engines). The ReadClip program uses the TTS voices to read aloud any text document that can be copied to the clipboard.

The Microsoft TTS SAPI must be installed on your PC prior to running ReadClip. The TTS setup program is free and can be downloaded at Microsoft's latest version includes their own TTS reader which is dedicated to reading eBooks.

Click here to download just the TTS setup program.

The TTS setup program includes a few voices such as Microsoft Mary, but they are low quality. There are several companies that have created voices for TTS that are superior in voice quality and speaking performance but they are not free. It is our opinion that the best quality voices for the price are NeoSpeech's voices Paul and Kate. Listen to their voice demos at

Once the Microsoft TTS SAPI has been installed, ReadClip can monitor the Windows clipboard and read its contents. Highlighted text from almost any application can be copied to the clipboard and read to you, i.e. Email/Text messages, blogs, web pages, PDF and Word documents, etc. ReadClip can also create MP3 files of spoken text you can play on your MP3 player. For example, you could copy news articles to an MP3 file, which you can listen to on the drive to work. Email MP3 messages. Switch to different voices or change the voice characteristics and pronunciation of words. Use it as a proofreading tool. Have text read to you while you multi-task or to reduce eyestrain. ReadClip provides the easiest most convenient way to read text aloud from almost any document.