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ReadClip is much more than a TTS reader. ReadClip is also a rich text editor that can read and spell check any text document, and allows you to manage several text and picture clips at a time in the Windows clipboard. The TTS reader component is FREE and will never expire. The Windows multi-clipboard, editor tools, spell checker and MP3 file generator is "try before you buy".

The quality of the text-to-speech depends on the voices that ReadClip uses to read text aloud. It is our opinion that the best quality voices for the price are NeoSpeech's voices Paul and Kate. Listen to their voice demos at

The TTS reader can remain hidden or it can display the text in the clipboard and highlight each word as the text is read aloud. When the TTS reader is not monitoring the clipboard it can be used to read any text that is pasted, typed or loaded from a file. Formatted text can be saved to a file or a spoken version can be saved to an MP3 or WAV sound file. The TTS reader can also read XML tags used to control the speaker's voice settings, including the talking speed, voice pitch and volume.

Running the ReadClip program places an icon in the taskbar (bottom right corner of the screen) and starts in idle mode (not monitoring the clipboard). ReadClip begins monitoring the clipboard by clicking the left mouse button (left-click) on the ReadClip icon which changes the icon to

Left-click on these icons to turn ReadClip on and off. When ReadClip is on, any text that gets copied to the clipboard will be read aloud. Most Windows applications that allow text to be highlighted can copy text to the clipboard by pressing and holding the Ctrl key then pressing the C key. This is also known as a hotkey (Ctrl+C). Left-clicking on the ReadClip icon during speaking allows you to pause or stop the reading.