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U2Browser is a FREEWARE program that specializes in managing YouTube videos.  It's a browser, a YouTube (FLV) video downloader and player, an animated GIF maker, and spell checker.  It also includes a Video Frame Recorder, which was designed to automate capturing and managing frames from a YouTube video and includes tools to crop, enhance and stabilize images. Edit frames to create your own animations. Try the Frame Recorder before you buy.

Select the appropriate download for a FREE installation of U2Browser & Video Frame Recorder.

Exe Zip

 download U2Browser v1.1.0 installation

Exe Zip

 download only the U2Browser executable (exe)*

* Intended for upgrading or repairing U2Browser or if a formal installation is not required.

System Requirements

  Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
 • Minimum P200
 • 64MB RAM
 • 10MB Disk Space
  Internet connection


If you have any problems downloading the software please contact us at or use the feedback form.


Thanks for your interest in

 U2Browser with Frame Recorder!





U2Browser/Frame Recorder Features

  • Simple IE style browser

  • Download FLV video files

  • Play FLV files from your harddrive

  • Capture/Play/Edit video frames

  • Convert between BMP/JPG/GIF image formats

  • Resize/Resequence/Crop frames

  • Stabilize frames

  • Image enhancement tools

  • Create/Split animated GIF files

  • Manage Favorites

  • Spell checker

  • Customize Settings