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Our company, GeoLog Resources Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide geomatic products and services to the Canadian government and private industry. Since then, our software products have expanded to include text to speech, Windows clipboard enhancements, macro automation and image processing applications. We developed these products primarily as tools for writing blogs and posting to internet message boards. What we found was that these products were more far-reaching than merely blogger's tools.

  • Text to speech has yet to reach its full potential beyond assisting the visually impaired.

  • The Windows clipboard is by far the most used feature of the Windows OS, yet MS has kept it rather one dimensional.

  • Why hasn't MS incorporated a spell checker in IE?

  • Macro automation has a myriad of applications.

  • Many bloggers are interested in creating animations and analysing internet videos.

We felt that these tools deserved their own product line, so we bundled ReadClip with Hotkeys and U2Browser with Video Frame Recorder. We think these tools provide a powerful enhancement to the Windows OS. We hope you agree!


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GeoLog Resources Inc. is head-quartered in Victoria, British Columbia CANADA

Thank you for your interest in our products!